New to Adobe Lightroom CC or making the transition from Lightroom CC Classic? Then this ultimate beginners guide to Adobe Lightroom is going to get you up to speed in double quick time!

Learn what all the panels are for, how to use them to edit your images, how to quickly tap into the power of the Linear & Radial Gradient Tools, the Brush Tools and so much more in this quick start guide for beginners!

Mentioned Videos:

Guide to Cropping:
The Tone Curve:
Using Presets:


Udemy Lightroom Course:

– Hipstegram Lightroom Presets:
– Illford Pan F Plus 50 Preset:
– Teal & Orange Toolkit:
– Lightroom Summer Presets:
– Modular Presets Vol 1:
– VSCO SP-01 Style Preset:
– VSCO SP-07 Style Preset:


– 8 Essential Adobe Lightroom Techniques:
– A Practical Guide to Gig & Live Band Photography:

Free tutorials for Adobe Lightroom CC 2017. New tutorials added every Monday.

Take your Adobe Lightroom skills to the next level!


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